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Archive for March, 2015

Divina: Every colour is divine

Kvadrat celebrates Divina during Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan 2014 A special exhibition showcasing 22 contemporary interpretations of Divina by international designers.‘We didn’t choose the name for nothing – we…

Monsieur Poiré

Portrait of the French cartoonist Emmanuel Poiré (aka Caran d’Ache) by Ian Wright. The British artist created this picture using the colour pencils produced by the Swiss company Carandache that was named after him….

Be aware, the value of recycling

In a world that is submerged in plastic it’s necessary to know of the ways to “dispose” our waste, there are many symbols to ease this task, but for most…

The I of the camera

Photographers: Robert Leslie, Builder Levy, Barry Rosenthal, and Michael Weschler invite to their exhibition at the Flomenhaft Gallery on March 5, 2015. We have followed Barry Rosenthal’s work because of his found-in-nature project. He shows us collections of rubish,…

Customizing Shoes with Vibram

Vibram (the italian producer of shoe soles) is offering a great service: “Resole, Customise, Upcycle your shoes” Through their network of cobblers and shoemakers, you can get a new look for your old shoes…

XL Extralight®

The italian producer of footwear components (and many other products) Finproject has launched XL Extralight®, a sole compound that is very light, durable, with high levels of shock absorption, made from material recycled…