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Charity Box Emergency Project for Japan – Milano

Sotheby’s, Triennale Milano, Giappone in Italia, L’isola della speranza, and lots of designers, remembering and supporting the victims of the 2011’s earthquake and tsunami, invite to the design auction, on march 11th,…


For Citizen “Better starts now”.

That is the new brand statement that reflects 84 years of history, “Light is time” and time is light is not just the inspiration for this installation, but also, it’s the…


Constancy and Change in Korean Traditional Craft 2013

The Museum Triennale di Milano hosted “Constancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft 2013”, displaying the master work of 16 South Korean craftsmen, and according to Sohn Hye-Won with the…


Renault Twin’Z by Ross Lovegrove

As the result of a design strategy, founded on the notion of the human life cycle and symbolized by a 6-petalled flower, Renault presented it’s new concept car Twin’Z designed…


HANDMADE in Hangzhou

[róng] Rong in Chinese means melting and fusion. This notion is at the core of the philosophy of ‘Handmade In Hangzhou’. 13 designers deconstruct the traditional bamboo crafts of Hangzhou…