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Artek and UPM ProFi

When I first came across “UPM ProFi” two years ago, in the Triennale museum of  Milan, there wasn’t something really captivating about it. Artek’s pavilion, in the middle of the gardens, was built out of these bricks, made in a new composite material, recycled, water resistant (See the last picture on this entry, of one I still have on my shelf).

It was just in a “aperitivo fuori salone”, talking to Liliana, that I realised it is the same material (enriched with colour and design) Shigeru Ban, used then for the pavilion and now for the 10-UNIT SYSTEM, the proposal for Artek at the “Salone del Mobile 2009”. Based on an “L” shaped module, that can be easily assembled to build chairs, benches, tables. The simplicity of this project is not just the module, but the material: UPM ProFi

Made mostly of recycled wood and plastic, “UPM ProFi” is a sustainable  material, that produces almost no waste during it’s production process; although its not biodegradable, it can be recycled several times into the raw material and so produce more “UPM ProFi” products; and its high environmental resistance, makes it a perfect choice for external uses.


HR_L-units_photo_Aino_Huovio-1 Artek 10-UNIT SYSTEM


© 100% natural

© 100% natural

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