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Bucolic Empowerment


“the agricultural community will become the planet’s new elite, dominating our essential needs and inspiring years of farmer styles. After all, the farmers of the future will clothe us, house us, feed us, fuel us and hopefully even heal us. Ultimately they will be able to engineer design and grow furniture in a symbiosis of technology and biology, and therefore rural and urban lifestyles will merge and become one; resulting in an inversed social landscape with a greener city and a more contemporary countryside”

This statement by Li Edelkoort, makes us aware that more than a trend, returning to nature, is a life choice to which we will have to get accustomed if we really want a healthy future.
But, not every one interprets trends, some designers and producers, just follow them, as mere aesthetical rules, giving birth to a very wide range of products, you can choose between honest and responsibly made products and those that just apparently (thanks to there natural aesthetic) satisfy the need to return to the essentials, to respect life and nature.
The next posts will be therefore, be dedicated to this present cycle, with its pure aesthetical trends, and to the different objects that really go beyond the “throw away culture” to become true life companions.

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