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In Milan this year, Droog presented their smallest exhibition ever: droog screw me.
The collection of 210 hardware items was presented in its natural habitat, an ordinary hardware store. take a look at their “Construct me” video, and feel free to download the catalogue.
Focusing on the smallest parts of furniture and functional elements that are usually not noticeable and often invisible, for example the “Flat mesh Nail” (seen below) once hammered, it creates a gold mesh decoration on the surface of your furniture.

screwme_nail-minrlevents_15_milan_FlatMesh_Nail_InSituImage_Droog_ConstructMe_Hardware events_15_milan_FlatMesh_Nail_Detail_InSituImage_Droog_ConstructMe_Hardware Droog in Milan 2015

Their screws, hinges, nuts, nails, brackets and other hardware are super functional but they also add value, character and a richer narrative. In their created collection, you find nails that reduce the risk of hitting your finger, two way tie wraps, fancy hinges and screws that smile at you. They give flavour to simple DIY work, revive existing furniture and challenge the designer.
events_15_milan_hinge_insituimage_droog_constructme_hardware events_15_milan_hinge_detail_insituimage_droog_constructme_hardware


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