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Fuori Salone 2006

The very best of Milan’s furniture fair is what you see during the design week, outside the fairgrounds, the “Fuori salone”. Young designers looking for companies, new companies trying to become visible, and the really established companies doing their best to captivate the public.

Above: Pieke Bergmans bases for Rosenthal, and works from the French V.I.A. (Valorisation de l’innovation dans l’ameublement)

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Japanese designer Nendo combines the simplicity and elegance of nature with technology. Hanaby is a lamp that follows the natural cycle of light, made in shape-memory alloy, when the bulb gets hot the lamp opens, and when light starts to dim, the temperature triggers the closing.
Madeindhoven, Drinking glasses and ”One of a kind” these are two rings produced in one piece, that becomes unique when two people decided to share it.
Cinderella, by Jeroen Verhoeven. Project “Industrialized Wood”, Demakersvan
Table with hanger. Agape
Patricia Urquiola and Benedini Associati for Agape
Zaha Hadid for Wallpaper magazine’s 10th anniversary.

Antonio Citterio for B&B

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