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showroom of moroso by Patricia Urquiola

Morosso matters

Morosso’s showroom in via Pontaccio: there was “Clarissa chair” and lots of flowers that were screaming “yes It was Urquiola who thought about us”, to me it was the most beautiful exhibition during Milan’s design week 2013, so feminine and natural but at the same time through the decoration of the rotating panels you see in the background, demonstrating all the work and technology behind it.

detail of flower in the showroom of moroso by Patricia Urquiola

clarissa chair by Patricia Urquiola for moroso

Featured in this post another chair: Hemp (by Wener Aisslinger) first seen at the exhibition “Poetry Happens“ in Ventura Lambrate, during Milan’s design week 2012. Lightweight, durable, easy-to-mold and environmentally friendly, Hemp Chair is the first monocoque stackable chair created and designed for the use of a new industrial material made ​​from more than 70% natural fibers. A sheet, is thermoformed through a production process with low environmental impact derived from the automotive industry. The draft Hemp Chair is supported by the German company BASF chemicals and with its structure in the shape of gemstone, represents a new approach to this complex type of chair.

Hemp Chair, moroso

Hemp Chair, moroso

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