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Paola Lenti’s Rugs

The new rugs in the outdoor collection are made by hand with Paola Lenti’s signature materials. Bisanzio and Ellissi, by CRS Paola Lenti, are created by hand shaping Rope cords; the modules that compose Bisanzio are sewn together according to a precise and geometrical orthogonal pattern; those composing the surface of Ellissi, on the contrary, are joint with total freedom. Mutazioni, design m-ar by Renato J. Morganti, is a new hand tufted rug decorated with parallel lines created with dense and regular bouclé stitches in contrasting colours. Quadrifoglio, by Alessandra Comi, is a modular rug produced with units made of Rope cord and assembled in an alternated sequence.

BISANZIO_02_rug_2015 ELLISSE_rug_2015MUTAZIONI_rug

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