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Diamonds by Dennis Parren, CMYK bulb

Milan’s furniture fair 2013 special: lighting

During the Salone del mobile 2013, while in the fair there was the official Euroluce, outside, in the Fuori Salone, lots of interesting lamps where exhibited. Here below the ones that caught our attention:


Lamp by Hanieh Heidarabadi student of superformlab, At ventura Lambrate.

Cell by Tom Dixon

©100%natural – monitor

In the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia there was Cell, a lamp that mimics cellular growth which can be used in multiple geometric configurations. By Tom Dixon

Diamonds by Dennis Parren, CMYK bulb


Seen at Rossana Orlandi’s Diamond #1, Diamond #2 and Diamond #3 by Dennis Parren.

Luciola, led light produced by Davide Groppi


Nothing could have been more appropriate for the glamour of Paola Lenti’s exhibition, than the little “Luciola” produced by Davide Groppi. Inside a transparent jar and activated by moving (tapping on the top) a led firefly wakes up, jumping randomly and flashing a pale purple delicate light.

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