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All posts tagged design week 2013

Wallpaper Handmade 2013

As every year (since 2010) Wallpaper* presented their exhibition “Handmade” during the design week in Milan. Introducing the best craftsmen to the best designers/artists, the result couldn’t be more exquisite….

The “Extremis” sharing experience

I met Dirk Wynants during Milan’s Furniture fair in Extremi’s friendly stand. We were sat around a big round table, drinking a fresh beer and talking about wood, the sustainable…

Constancy and Change in Korean Traditional Craft 2013

The Museum Triennale di Milano hosted “Constancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft 2013”, displaying the master work of 16 South Korean craftsmen, and according to Sohn Hye-Won with the…

Baffi broom

Designed by GamFratesi studio for Swedese, Baffi is -in 5 words- a broom disguised as decoration.

Glimpt of Peru Prehistoric Aliens

Studio Glimpt , social responsibility, and Artesanos Don Bosco. These are the ingredients for “the prehistoric aliens”, a hand made series of coffee tables produced in Peru, a symbiosis of…

Renault Twin’Z by Ross Lovegrove

As the result of a design strategy, founded on the notion of the human life cycle and symbolized by a 6-petalled flower, Renault presented it’s new concept car Twin’Z designed…

Moooi Environments (virtual tour)

Moooi’s exhibition in via Savona during Milan’s furniture fair 2013 went beyond the show, presenting Moooi’s new products as a life style full of details, from the fabrics to the…

showroom of moroso by Patricia Urquiola

Morosso matters

Morosso’s showroom in via Pontaccio: there was “Clarissa chair” and lots of flowers that were screaming “yes It was Urquiola who thought about us”, to me it was the most…

75 Watt by Cohen Van Balen

Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen are Cohen Van Balen, based in London and active in the video/photography field with a special attention for design, biology and technology. In this…

HANDMADE in Hangzhou

[róng] Rong in Chinese means melting and fusion. This notion is at the core of the philosophy of ‘Handmade In Hangzhou’. 13 designers deconstruct the traditional bamboo crafts of Hangzhou…