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showroom of moroso by Patricia Urquiola

Morosso matters

Morosso’s showroom in via Pontaccio: there was “Clarissa chair” and lots of flowers that were screaming “yes It was Urquiola who thought about us”, to me it was the most…


Renewable Oasis

Think about seasons, maintenance or simple individual taste, wouldn’t you like to be able to change your furniture’s upholstery? that’s the main characteristic of ‘oasis’ the seating set by atelier…

Pond by Nendo

Specular asymmetry

Pond by Nendo, (yes Nendo is always here). This time with a table set for Morosso, at a glance you see only the mirrored surface, but looking carefully all the…


With no doubt Moroso is the Italian company that gives more input to the design world.