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All posts tagged Tokyo Midtown Award Exhibition

Lucky piggy bank

I wish we all had “lifesavers coins” like, to be able to use the Lucky piggy bank designed by Seiji Fujimoto. “I’ve always wanted to keep one 5-yen coin in my…

Japanese patterned grill

By Daisuke Enomoto and Orie Yokoyama. “Taste can be affected by sight as well as taste buds. By mixing in Japanese patterns in the grill marks, I hope people will…

Gomen Bako (Apology box)

By: Tsuyoshi Takagi and Hitomi Hashimura “We tend to apologize with a telephone call or an e-mail and get away with it easily. We don’t feel like apologizing in person…

Mato Ryoko

By Massahiko Yoshihara: “A person’s outer appearance, words, reputation and position gives us preconceptions, and we often fail to see the essence of a person. This shape-transforming figure expresses that situation….

Fortune pick

By Hiroyasu Tsuchiya “Add a small surprise to cuisine.For the lunch boxes of children working on exams or club activities. For traditional New Year’s foods. For birthday parties. A single…