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The “Extremis” sharing experience

I met Dirk Wynants during Milan’s Furniture fair in Extremi’s friendly stand. We were sat around a big round table, drinking a fresh beer and talking about wood, the sustainable certified wood they use for all their furniture.
As a colombian living in Italy, I’m very aware of the reality of my country a land very rich in natural resources and biodiversity, highly exploited by the more developed economies, so when I hear “-we love the planet- : reducing transport volumes, using sustainably managed raw materials, making optimum use of raw materials, or observing quality standards guaranteeing that products last a lifetime: for extremis it is essential that our planet remains liveable for centuries to come” It sounds like the kind of company that I would like to buy wooden supplies from my country.
Extremis doesn’t talk only about quality and sustainability in the production process, they talk about it when living their products, and their “Marina” range is a good example: high quality outdoors furniture designed to be enjoyed through shared experiences: buying it together and using it together. Private gardens in urban cities are as rare as those lost moments passed in the company of our families, but if we had a common place a big shared garden and a big family -of friends, neighbors or simply relatives- to rediscover those lost moments of conviviality it could sum up a lot to our quality time.
So when Extremis says: “…this is not furniture, these are tools for togetherness”, I would add these are tools for bringing luxury and happiness to our lives.

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