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Minrl – Jewellery & Design
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Minrl @ Milan Design Week 2016

Milano-design-week-2016The-Fab-Labminrl, jewels for the body and the home.

Minrl: Jewels for the body – and the home – created using artisan techniques with a focus on sustainability.
Minrl is the result of a personal journey that has led two designers from the territory of industrial design to that of handcrafted jewellery and more, with products that combine their South American and European cultures.

Within the self production reality of the Fablab a selection of their creations will be on display including:

Paperchain” silver ribbons interwoven to create an original series of jewellery.

Tulip by minrl” the reinterpretation of a disposable ice cream spoon. Playing on its transformation through the use of a noble material such as silver.

Be Aware” – The value of recycling” with a focus on raising awareness to the problems connected to the “disposal” of plastics.

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