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Minrl @ Milan Design Week 2016

minrl, jewels for the body and the home. Minrl: Jewels for the body – and the home – created using artisan techniques with a focus on sustainability. Minrl is the…


Creative Workout

The pilates Gym “Studio 51” hosts the exhibition and shopping event: Creative Workout, with the participation of minrl handcrafts, Lauz65, Little treats – ec Frammenti 



Series of vases by Bilge Nur Saltik that transform the image of a single flower into a kaleidoscopic composition, full of colours, reflections and details to admire and discover. The vases…



2016/ makes contemporary porcelain using the specialist skills found in the pottery town of Arita, Japan. Local artistry is combined with international design talent in the making of desirable, everyday…


Tulip by Minrl

“Tulip” by minrl is the reinterpretation of a disposable ice cream spoon. Playing on its transformation through the use of a noble material such as silver.


Mini Q.P Ceramic Paradigm Shift

Shigeki Hayashi was born in the Mino area in Gifu Prefecture, he worries about the decline of the ceramics industry of his region. He started this project hoping to have a certain…


Mindscapes – Bringing Together Urban Architecture And Nature 

The Marimekko appartement, in Rossana Orlandi’s during the design week, is based on the autumn/winter 2015 collection and it was inspired by city architecture and the rhythm we live in…


Lucky piggy bank

I wish we all had “lifesavers coins” like, to be able to use the Lucky piggy bank designed by Seiji Fujimoto. “I’ve always wanted to keep one 5-yen coin in my…


Japanese patterned grill

By Daisuke Enomoto and Orie Yokoyama. “Taste can be affected by sight as well as taste buds. By mixing in Japanese patterns in the grill marks, I hope people will…


Gomen Bako (Apology box)

By: Tsuyoshi Takagi and Hitomi Hashimura “We tend to apologize with a telephone call or an e-mail and get away with it easily. We don’t feel like apologizing in person…